DIY Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes – Finale

And I’m back, with part 3 of my DIY Tiffany Blue Glitter Wedding Shoes project. I got my goodies all set up, and I prepared myself for a seriously glittery experience.


Materials used:

  • “Mint” suede heels
  • Martha Stewart decoupage liquid (pour a small amount into a bowl to avoid contaminating your jar with glitter, trust me)
  • Martha Stewart fine glitter in White Gold
  • Paintbrushes
  • Foil lined pan

After I had everything prepped and ready to go, I started with the first heel, holding it with my hand inside the shoe so I had a good grip and could use my other hand to apply the decoupage. Then, just paint the areas of the shoe you intend to glitter with the decoupage liquid.


You need a somewhat substantial layer, and the suede tends to soak up a little, so keep painting it on until it looks milky/cloudy. I found that it was best to focus on one side of the shoe at a time.

Once the shoe is sufficiently decoupaged, sprinkle on your glitter to adhere it.


Keep on sprinklin’ (now you see why I suggest doing this over a protected container)



image3 (2)

After the first good sprinklin’, it should look like this. Don’t worry about any spots that are a little more sparse — you’ll get them on the next pass.

Now, repeat the process with the other side of the shoe.


I got more liberal with my glitter application as the project progressed. I definitely recommend over-glittering and then just tapping the heel into your container to shed some of the excess.

image7 (1)

I reused the glitter that collected in the foil, to cut down on waste. But all in all I was surprised what a small percentage of my jar of glitter this project took. I could probably glitter our entire kitchen with the remainder (hmmm sounds fun…)

Aaaand repeat on both sides of the second heel.

image5 (2)

From here, I left my heels to dry on a cookie sheet lined with papertowel to catch any additional glitter shed. I recommend allowing the heels to dry for AT LEAST 24 hours after the first glitter application. I rushed mine a little (I couldn’t help myself) and I could tell the suede was still a touch damp. Better to allow them time to dry fully.

For another coat of glitter, start off the same way you did last time– grasp the shoe from the inside, and paint a section of the area you want to glitter with the decoupage. You’re bound to loosen a little glitter as you paint the liquid on, so be gentle to minimize this. When you shake on the glitter, you’ll see that little or no sparse spots will remain.

For my second coat, I glittered all the way around, focusing on the very bottom of the wedge to fill in the brown rubber area (but the soles are a project for a different day– SPOILER– they’ll be pained tiffany blue!)



I didn’t bother taping off the areas of the heel I wanted to remain glitter free, so I had to be careful with my decoupage application. You will inevitably sprinkle some glitter outside the lines, so to speak, but as long as the decoupage liquid stays where it’s intended, it will shake off, no problem.

For any pesky areas of glitter that seem attracted to the bare suede, painter’s tape works great as a removal tool.



See how the glitter now has depth and looks more solid? That’s two coats, for ya.


From here, I let my heels dry completely for several days. I completed the project by sealing the glitter with a top coat of clear spray glaze, and blue-taping off the suede to mask it from any overspray.

I’m so happy with how they turned out!

Looking similar to my inspiration now, aren’t they?


Photo courtesy of Shoeper Woman

Thank goodness my wedges aren’t a skyscraper-high platform like these, or my dress would definitely be too short! 😉

This has been one of my favorite wedding DIYs so far. I can’t wait to reveal the final wedding day look!

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