Rebuilding the Bedroom Wall and First Window Install

When we acquired our house, it had a gaping hole in one side.  Yup, that’s not an exaggeration.  The driveway, which comes off of the side of the house, leads to what was previously the garage.  Some time ago, the prior owners framed in the old driveway door opening, added a window, and converted the garage into a third bedroom.  Fast forward to a few months before the house was put up for sale, and one of the occupants backed his truck into that framed in wall and really did a number on the whole thing.  Thankfully the brick was not harmed in any way, just the window and wood-framed opening.  Here’s what it looked like back when we were starting demo:


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Hey, maybe that’s not so bad…



Holy mackeral, yes it absolutely is!

And here’s the view from the outside:


The plywood wasn’t even nailed in fully and would flap a little in stiff winds. Sigh.

We knew demoing out this room and coming up with a permanent solution was high on the list of priorites, so we actually started our demo in this part of the house.  Once everything was gutted out, including the shattered window and caved in wall, we were ready to start rebuilding.

Mr. Crafty and my dad teamed up to frame in what will become our new master suite — with a huge walk in closet that I’m already in love with.

This will be our master bathroom. So excited!


Here’s a view of the master bedroom from the downstairs hallway, looking through the walk in closet.


We framed in the opening with new studs and wood sheating, with a framed out opening where our new window would live.  Because this is going to be part of our bedroom, the window needed to be an egress window (a window of a certain size, intended to allow you to escape in the event of a fire).  We picked out a simple ThermaStar Pella window from the big box store, and embarked on our very first (of many) window installs.  Here’s where we ended up:


And from the outside:


The portion currently covered with Tyvek will eventually be sided, to match the garage (to the right).

The window was surprisingly easy to install.  Mr. Crafty did a great job with making sure the framing was dead-on level, so we didn’t need to do a whole lot of shimming or adjusting to get the window to sit level.  The silver you see around the window is weatherproof flashing tape, which we hoped would help keep any moisture out.

This was tested earlier than we expected, actually, and I’m thrilled to report that the heavy rains we got the following day didn’t bring any leaks.  We have many windows ahead of us, so I’m glad this one was such smooth sailing!  And I’m doubly glad that we no longer have a boarded-up wall.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product when the master suite is all finished.  It’s going to be pretty awesome!


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