Painting our Brick House – Which Paint to Use?

We’ve been playing around with a few ideas for how to revitalize the exterior of our brick home for the past couple of months, from using a brick stain, to covering the faded and repaired areas with siding to match the garage-turned-master and addition-turned-garage, to having custom bricks fired to match our unique and retro bricks, to applying stucco, to, finally, painting.

Painting brick is a topic that people seem to get very passionate about. Some really love the look, while others seem to absolutely hate it.  In fact, after discussing this with family and friends and taking the pulse of the web community, it feels like Mr. Crafty and I are the only two people in the universe without a strong opinion on the matter.  I guess I just think some instances call for paint, and others don’t?  For our house, it seems to make sense.  Some of our brick has faded to a pinkish hue that I don’t particularly like, and that doesn’t quite match the other sides of the house.  We also have some mortar repairs that aren’t a perfect match with the original masonry, color wise, and it always bugs me when repairs stand out. Also, the red brick and white siding of our master bedroom wall and garage don’t go together well.  And we both think a lighter, brighter exterior will give this corner house some pop without sacrificing the look of brick entirely.

Despite the many people in the “we hate painted bricks” category, painted brick is very common in many areas, especially in the South.  Charleston and Atlanta feature countless gorgeous painted brick homes, and some of these inspired our decision to go with paint.

The next step was deciding what type of paint, and what color.

We decided to go with Sherwin Williams Ovation Exterior Acrylic Latex, a high quality paint and primer combo with a washable, mildew-resistant finish that supposedly dries quickly and requires only one coat. Sounds good to me.

What about color?  When we first decided to paint, I thought it might be best to go with a color that is brick-like, maybe something in the red/maroon family, or grey, or beige.  After skimming photos of similarly painted homes, nothing really popped out at me.  And then my mom showed me this post from Things That Inspire, and I spotted several white and off-white stately painted brick homes that wowed me.  Mr. Crafty liked them too, and we started imagining how fresh and clean our little corner cape cod would look with a fresh new coat of white.

After much hand wringing, google image searching, and me asking Mr. Crafty “is this white TOO white? or too cream?” a few more times than he can stomach, we chose Sherwin Williams Snowbound (SW 7004), a slightly cool, very slightly greyish white.  We went with a semi-gloss finish for extra durability and cleaning ease.


We were going for a white that is bright without being too stark, and we hope we hit the nail on the head! This photo from Market to Farm was my inspiration.


I love the contrast of the white exterior with the grey roof.  I hope our house looks that great when we’re finished, and I can’t wait to show you!


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