Minion Painted Pumpkin

What do you do when you have a whole bunch of leftover yellow craft paint, a perfectly paintable pumpkin, and Halloween is fast-approaching? Paint a Minion of course!

I love those little critters’ spunky personalities, and their undeniable skill at getting into mischief. Their little laughs, kooky language and slapstick mannerisms are just plain hilarious to me. What better way to put smiles on the faces of the littlest trick or treaters in our crowd?

I started out by looking at pictures of Minions and Minion pumpkin carvings for inspiration, then sketched out a simple design on my pumpkin with a fine felt tipped marker.  I’m going to dub my Minion “Stuart,” after the one-eyed little guy featured in this year’s MINIONS (Which I absolutely went to the theater to see, with my parents. Yes, I am an adult. Don’t judge me.)

Using the cheapie craft paints I always seem to have tons of, I painted the blue overalls first, then painted the remainder of the pumpkin with a few coats of yellow, then added in the details once the yellow was dry. I may or may not have used my hairdryer on “cool” to speed up the drying, because I wasn’t patient enough to wait (spoiler: I totally did).

The final product wasn’t perfect, but lovably silly in the Minions’ typical fashion.


Happily, all of the colors I used were leftovers in my stash, so this project only cost the $5 I spent on the pumpkin!  Best of all, I had a blast making this Minion painted pumpkin.

 Happy (early) Halloween!


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