Mr. and Mrs. Painted Pumpkins

After my Minion painted pumpkin project, I still had two more jack-o-lantern sized pumpkins, and no plan for them.


Most years I plan out an intricate carving or two for Halloween, but this year?  I guess I just didn’t feel like dealing with the mess and effort that comes with carved pumpkins.  I wanted to dress them up a little, but with all the demo we’ve done over the past few months, I wanted to keep it cleaner and simpler.  And Mr. Crafty was busy making an amazing cast iron skillet chicken pot pie for dinner tonight, so I didn’t have the attention span for a complicated project of my own.

What design to use for my pair of pumpkins?  We celebrated our one month wedding “anniversary” a few weeks ago, so I thought it’d be cute to commemorate that.  I thought back to our sweetheart table Mr. and Mrs. sign, and decided that my pumpkins would be a great way to recreate a similar design.  I’ve made printed templates for carved pumpkins in the past, and it’s always worked well, so I used the same process for these painted pumpkins.

First, I designed the lettering for my Mr. and Mrs. pumpkins in Word.  I tried out two of the fonts I used for our wedding design elements, Constantia and Isabella Script, and I loved how they looked!


My original plan was to pain the ampersand on a smaller pumpkin I also had sitting around, but I did the Mr. and Mrs. first, and liked how they looked without a third.  Plus it was getting late, dinner was ready, and I was feeling lazy.

Starting with the slightly bigger pumpkin and my printed “Mr.,” I taped the stencil to the pumpkin.


Then I used a ballpoint pen and traced around the letter, applying enough pressure to make a slight indent in the skin of the pumpkin.


Next, I went back and traced along the indented lines with my pen, resulting in a neat little outline to help guide my painting.


After some acrylic glossy paint, applied with a fine paintbrush:


I repeated the process with my “Mrs.” pumpkin, too.



And after a little more painting…


The finished product!


Not bad for a quick Friday evening craft! And I love how they turned out. A festive craft is a great way to end a long week, isn’t it?


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