Removing Mold and Mildew from Brick – Finale!

Mr. Crafty is back home from his work trip (cue cheers), and we’re able to get back to work on our exterior projects.  I explained my trials and tribulations with trying to wire brush the rest of the grime, and we put our heads together to come up with a new solution. Pressure washer?? Pressure washer!

I did a little research online about pressure washing old brick, and found that, while higher PSIs can cause unsightly spalling, lower PSIs are safer. We decided to rent Home Depot’s lowest PSI pressure washer, this little fella, which tops out at 1400 PSI:


After testing out the different nozzles, we came up with a combination that worked great!  We were able to remove the dirty, grimy surface without causing damage to the bricks, and we didn’t need to use any chemicals! Double win!


This is where I left off with my wire brushing:


Mr. Crafty braved the ladder and the chilly spray-back. I make a much better ladder holder than ladder climber, I’ve decided.


Making progress!


And when Mr. Crafty took breaks, I pressure washed basically everything in sight. Vinyl…




We were able to move over to the driveway side by early afternoon, and we spot cleaned over there until any dark spots were gone. We even ended up doing part of my parents’ brick house!

If you’re considering using a pressure washer to clean your brick, make sure you spot test to check that you won’t get any spalling.  At 1400 PSI, the results were great for us, and the cleaning process was so much faster than cleaning by hand. The tool rental folks were very helpful too, so you might get some helpful recommendations that way.

Another post coming tomorrow…  Lots of change happening!




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