Rough Plumbing Inspection – Passed!

I’m back with just a quick update today to keep you up to date on our home renovation. After passing our rough electrical inspection (yay!), we got right back at it, and focused our passing our rough plumbing inspection. As you might recall me mentioning before, our township requires that homeowners use master plumbers for all plumbing permits, so we weren’t able to DIY our way around this one. This was all new to us, but we were required to have a special test – the DWV (Drainage, Waste and Valve) test – completed in order to pass. So, we got our inspection scheduled and had our plumber send someone out one morning to conduct the test.

And, good news—we passed! So electrical and plumbing are all set for now, with insulation and HVAC still ahead. Lots to do! Hopefully I’ll be able to update with passed insulation and HVAC inspections soon, and then we can move on to the really fun stuff—drywall, finish, and DESIGN!

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