DIY Craft Wedding Song Lyrics Wall Hanging

Our wedding song– Darling Be Home Soon by The Lovin’ Spoonful — is truly one of those songs that makes me stop and reflect every time I hear it. Sometimes I actually well up a little, but it always reminds me of how thankful I am for my relationship with my husband. We started out as pen pals, halfway around the world from each other, and the lyrics of the song so sweetly capture the feeling of solace and comfort we’ve always found in each other. It’s so precious to me that he and I met, and fell in love, and get to be each other’s permanent companions and work to make one another happy every day. It’s so fulfilling to have a love like that, and what better way to commemorate our wedding song, and the love we share, than with a DIY wedding song craft for my Valentine?

Mr. Crafty was actually traveling for a work trip when I came up with the idea for this craft — no surprise that I was thinking about our wedding song, since I always feel extra sentimental and reflective when he’s away. I turned to Pinterest for some extra inspiration, and found a few neat DIY wedding song crafts and wall hangings that others made with the lyrics from their special songs. I decided to come up with something to highlight a few of the key lines that I like most, and to use a neutral color scheme that would be guaranteed to fit well in the new master suite we’ll be moving into in a few months.

I browsed the aisles of my local craft store without much of a direction (daring!), except that I knew I wanted to create something that could be hung, and that would be large enough for me to emblazon with some lyrics. I found an unfinished wooden pallet with a wire hanger that called out to me, and I decided to stencil and paint with acrylics. I started out by painting my pallet a milky white with two coats of my Folk Art Warm White. The result reminded me of whitewashed fence posts, which I liked.

Now that my hanging gave me some clear dimensions to work with, I was able to create an equally sized template on my computer while the paint dried. I inserted the lyrics I wanted to use in an appropriately sized typewriter style font. Next, I printed out my template, arranged the words on my wood in a somewhat helter skelter/rustic looking fashion, and temporarily held them in place with a few small strips of tape.


Using a ballpoint pen, I traced my lettering to create a light imprint of each letter on the wood (similar to how I stenciled my Mr. & Mrs. painted pumpkins). After removing all of my templates, I carefully traced the outlined letters and filled them in with a fine black Sharpie marker. I pressed a little harder in some places than others, aiming to make the text look a little like it came from an old smudgey typewriter. Here’s the end result:


I held off on sharing this craft until after Valentine’s day, so as not to ruin Mr. Crafty’s surprise, but I just love how it turned out.  It’d made a great anniversary gift as well!


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