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Starting Demo on Our House – A Whirlwind Weekend!

Well, it’s official — we’ve closed on our “project” house!  As you can imagine, we’re eager to roll up our sleeves and get started executing our ideas, but the first step is a WHOLE LOT of demo.  I rushed through every room to snap some raw “before” photos before we started hacking away, so we have something to compare our progress and completed project to.  If you’re feeling brave, take a peek here.

After closing and photos, the next step was figuring out our trash removal situation.  We found a local company with reasonable rates on dumpster rentals, so we now have one of these taking up temporary residence in our driveway.


Yup, that’s a 40 yard dumpster, and it’s gigantic.  And we’ll probably fill a few of these before demo is complete.

At first we thought about just taking the house down to its studs — which actually would have been a mammoth demo project in and of itself — and using whatever existing wall structures we could, but our new design requires so much moving and rearranging, that it just doesn’t make much sense.  So, in addition to removing all of the obvious materials, like fixtures, built-ins, carpet, wood paneling, flooring, tile and drywall, we’ll also be removing a large portion of the interior walls, in whole or in part.

It sounds like an enormous amount of work when it’s all listed out.  And I guess that’s because it is.

Our plan for the start of interior demo was to work our way from the most gross area of the house — the basement/ground floor — to the less gross area — the upstairs.  We set out to wow my parents, who were away on vacation in Hawaii and wouldn’t be back until a few days after closing.



Regrettably, I didn’t take many photos this weekend — I got so carried away with demo, I forgot!

Downstairs bedroom window before removing window treatments and blinds:


And after:


Yikes!  We were able to successfully remove the broken window, and no arms were severed in the process.  Unfortunately we were too focused on the task at hand to capture progress shots.

These two photos give more of an idea of what we were able to accomplish downstairs by the end of our whirlwind weekend. The rectangular crawlspace in the rear of the first photo is the same one you see below, from a different angle, and after all of the carpet, drywall and insulation was removed from that area.



Still a long long long way to go, but we’re off to a good start!  Eventually these studs and HVAC ducts will come down, too.  And my parents were wowed when they got back from vacation, so mission accomplished!


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