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Repairing a Crack Between the House and Patio with Mortar Repair Caulk

Mr. Crafty was away for a work trip for a few days, and I wanted to surprise him with getting a few things done on the exterior of our house, so we would be ready to paint and removing the aluminum awning soon.

First, I tacked the crack between the front of the house and the old flagstone patio.  There was a small visible crack previously, but when I got down into it and scraped away some sediment that had found its way in the crack, I saw that it was actually much deeper than I originally thought.



Time for some mortar repair caulk!


I read online that you can get a smooth caulk line if you dip your finger in a cup of water before running it along the line of caulk. This seemed to work well, especially since mortar caulk is gritty and can be difficult to get a smooth finished look.



Because the crack was deeper than I realized, I ended up needing a few more tubes of caulk to finish the job.

Here’s the finished product. The patio is still not much to look at, but this repair should keep water from trickling down into the basement once we remove the patio’s awning. One task down!