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Painting our Brick House

OK, we have officially gone nuts.  We painted our house.  The whole thing.  With paint.  White paint.  And it took all weekend.  And we’re not quite done yet, but we kind of love it!

We started on the left side, which, you may remember, we finished cleaning this week. Armed with a Flexio paint sprayer by Wagner — which we chose because a nifty display at the local big box store listed it as good for exterior and interior painting, and we’re going to have a whole lotta interior to paint fairly soon — we masked the windows and got to work!



Although we were using Sherwin Williams’ Ovation paint + primer, the first coat went on very splotchy and not as opaque as we were expecting.  Not shocking, given that this is our first time using a paint sprayer, and this is some pretty old and thirsty masonry.


Here’s where we ended up by sundown on Saturday.  Decent progress, but we had errands to run and weren’t able to devote the entire day.

On Sunday, we were back at it bright and early, and the warm sunny weather helped Mr. Crafty finish spraying the first coat on the rest of the exterior, while I followed behind rolling the second coat, pausing now and then for ladder holding, and one (incredibly squinty) selfie.



Here’s a shot of the front and left side, both with one coat.




Wet paint looks pretty cool when the sun hits it directly.

And here’s a view from the corner, with a first coat on the driveway side:


And finally, here’s a shot of the front after two coats, and with the masking removed. We’ll probably roll on one more coat, but I’m thrilled with the change so far!


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