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Wedding Recap Part 1 – Details and Morning Prep

We’re so happy to have received our digital wedding photos, and looking back through them is sort of like reliving all of the special moments! In this series, I’m going to share some of our favorite photos from our wedding day, along with some commentary along the way. I hope you enjoy this recap! I’ll share vendors and sources for some of the goodies wherever relevant.

Like most brides, I spent most of the earlier part of my wedding day in “hiding.” Our hair and makeup crew came in early, and once i had my “face” on and hair done, I was hidden away in the master bedroom. I already saw Mr. Crafty for a quick few moments in the morning pre-hair and makeup (since we were staying in neighboring rooms in the lodge, we nixed the whole you-can’t-see-each-other-before-the-ceremony thing… it’d be too artificial for us), but we wouldn’t have a full “reveal” until our first look with the photographer.  Meanwhile, Mr. Crafty quarterbacked all of the last minute errands and prep, while some of our closest family members pitched in to help with prep.  My mom and sisters worked on the hors d’oeuvres spread along with Mr. Crafty’s aunt and grandma, Mr. Crafty’s dad was in charge of balloon hanging, outdoor decor, and other jobs I probably never even knew happened, and Mr. Crafty’s mom snapped photos before our photographer arrived. I was a little nervous about all of the last minute details coming together, but in the end I trusted that Mr. Crafty and the people we loved would make it all happen. And they did!

When our photographer arrived, she set to work capturing some of the ceremony details, and our accessories.




Bet you couldn’t tell those flowers were artificial, huh? Told ya! The cascading garland is from Wed Ideas, and we wove it together from a pre-made white rose garland from Hobby Lobby for a slightly fuller/more luscious look.




A close up of the rose petal aisle runner I DIY’d, with the help of Mr. Crafty’s (very crafty) mom!

Here are some sneak peeks of my dress, from Oleg Cassini, and our accessories:





Our wedding bands and my engagement ring, all from Blue Nile.


Remember my shoe DIY project? They turned out beautifully. I was so happy with them!





Bracelet by Romantique Studio, earrings by Divine Jewel.



Mr. Crafty’s grey tux (center) was from the BLACK by Vera Wang collection.

Hope you enjoyed part one. More to come soon in part 2, including our first look! [Link added]