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Removing Old Aluminum Awnings

Do you remember those big old ugly white aluminum awnings that were mounted above the windows? They were pretty terrible.


Kind of retro.. but not in a good way.

Today it was finally time to say “goodbye” to those awnings!

You know how some projects that seem like they’re going to be super hard are actually really easy?  And then sometimes, when you think something’s going to be simple and easy it turns out to be a huge headache?  Well, this was closer to a huge headache than really easy.

The awnings were bolted into the brick, and Mr. Crafty was hammering and cat’s pawing and pry barring for quite a while before they came loose.  Fortunately for me, I was busy with a separate project… But I’m so glad they’re gone!  Well, technically they’re just hanging out in the scrap pile for now, but they’ll be gone for real very soon!


Check out how much lighter and cleaner the brick looks under where the overhangs were. That’s what 80 years of wear will do, folks.  Looks like I’ve got a lot of scrubbing ahead of me!