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DIY Yarn-Wrapped Fall Wreath

I always find it challenging to decorate in the in-between Halloween to Thanksgiving period. My heart is ready for Christmas, but my head knows it’s way too soon to pull out all of the yuletide trimmings. I guess I’m a little guilty of neglecting Thanksgiving and fall in general.  Now that the Halloween decor has been packed away for the year, I’m shifting my focus to decorative touches for autumn that can hang around until Thanksgiving.

While browsing the aisles of one of my favorite craft stores (always a dangerous proposition), I spotted little wooden letters in a whimsical font.  Without a plan for what to do with them, I reached for F-A-L-L.  Getting swept away with an item or a few is how many of my crafts start out, so I went with it.

I browsed around a little more and some lovely deep burgundy/maroon yarn spoke to me.  Very autumnal, now what to do with it? I saw some charming yarn-wrapped wreaths on pinterest, and I knew I had a spare wreath form at home and some extra felt, and so a project was born.

With some twine leftover from my various rustic wedding projects, and my trusty glue gun, I wrapped the “Fall” letters to give them a warm and cozy vibe.  I wrapped my wreath form in the maroon yarn, which was touchably soft when I was done, and arranged the letters where I thought they looked best.  Then, I drew some freehand leaves onto my felt scraps, gathered a few acorns from the yard, and borrowed a couple of berry springs from a Christmas pick I never got around to using last year.

Here’s what I ended up with:



It’s cute, it only cost me a few dollars, and now I don’t feel like I’m neglecting November so much! I think I’ll keep my Mr. & Mrs. pumpkins out a while longer, too. Since they’re painted and not carved, they should hold a few more weeks at least.